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Becoming A Color Consultant


I was recently asked by a high school student –

“How did you know you wanted to be a color consultant?”

I was just a little embarrassed to answer, “I didn’t!”

Life takes you down many roads and I was always one to “go with the flow.” One job lead me to another to another… .

I have always been artsy-fartsy. But a horrible art teacher in high school convinced me my talent was subpar and – at the time – I believed him, I guess. I did nothing in the field for 40 years! Of course I tastefully decorated my and my friends’ apartments, and also became a prolific DIYer, but never again played with a color wheel.

Until 10 years ago.

A neighbor with whom I shared a passion for home improvement projects suggested we turn our interest and expertise in that booming industry into a consulting business of sorts. We both had the backgrounds – she was a graphic designer and DIYer and I, a self-taught renovation product specialist. Over several months, we narrowed our focus to paint color selection. In our neighborhood, it was a perfect fit. People were redoing/adding on to their homes and needed help with color selections that would tie the whole house together.

I had recognized that I had a natural talent for color/lighting and mood – the psychology of color – and my years as a public relations specialist made me confident that I could express to my clients “why” a specific color worked for them.

Fast forward 10 years and I now enjoy using my creativity and artistic talents every day. We even refined our business model into a franchise opportunity for others with a similar desire to utilize their artistic skills. Sometimes I think “what if” I had been encouraged by that teacher long ago, and also – why the heck did I even listen to him?! But it’s never too late to recognize your talent – and combine it with your own life experiences – and make a go of it as a business!

If this story resonates with you and you too have an eye for color, maybe paint color consulting is for you. Join us! Check out americascolorconsultants.com/franchise for more information, or call me personally to compare notes (703-362-3131).

Susan Mintz, Co-Founder, America’s Color Consultants

Your Top 3 Color Consultant Franchise Questions Answered

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We get a lot of emails and phone calls about what it means to own an America’s Color Consultants franchise and how to get started. Here are the top three questions we get from those of you looking to supplement your household income with a part-time job, change your full-time career, or give your design degree a competitive (and potentially lucrative) edge.

What does an America’s Color Consultant do?

Think of an America’s Color Consultant as the America’s approachable interior designer; all the color theory, lighting, and home decor experience coupled with the ability to help homeowners get the most out of what they currently have. Our consultants use their experience and expertise to identify what colors their clients are attracted to, what colors would make the best use of the available space and light, and what colors would bring out the best of their home’s features and furnishings.

Why would someone hire a paint color consultant?

Anyone who has ever attempted to pick out the perfect paint sample knows how much time, money, and energy goes into finding the right color, especially if the color isn’t right after it goes on. America’s Color Consultants remove the stress and mess of paint samples and help mediate color disagreements when couples don’t see eye to eye.

“The home is a crucial part of a person’s identity,” said Florence Jones, co-founder of America’s Color Consultants. “Once you find a color that resonates in a space, it can go a long way to making everyone feel like they belong there.”

What does it take to be a franchise owner?

While there are franchise costs associated with the established branding, marketing, and training, the most important part of being an America’s Color Consultant franchise owner is the passion for home decor, color, customer service, and personal success. Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, you’ll get out of it what you put into it in terms of marketing, customer service, word-of-mouth referrals, passion, and elbow grease.

Our franchise owners enjoy our owner-operated, home-based business model that has the freedom and flexibility without being a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront. “One of the best parts of being part of this brand is that all of us are self-employed, but we don’t work alone,” adds Jones. “We see each other as partners who promote each other, help each other and the industry.”

Have more questions? We have more answers! Click here to get started or stop by our booth at the Women Empower Expo on May 27th, 2017 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Why Become an America’s Color Consultant


Transition Time

Summer is ending but fall is coming. Along with the cooler weather fall brings, it’s also a transition time. Summer vacations and summer camps end, and kids go back to school. It doesn’t just have to be a transition for them, it can also be one for the stay at home parent. With the kids back in school, having a job with flexible hours is a great benefit. America’s Color Consultants (ACC) offers just that with our home based business model. Florence and Susan understand the importance of having quality time with your family, but also still wanting to work. Although that may seem impossible, it’s not. With an America’s Color Consulting franchise you can work while the kids are in school and still be on time to pick them up from the bus stop. If you are a mom or dad looking for a flexible work schedule, and have an eye for color ACC may be for you. To learn more about how ACC got started please go to our website  http://www.americascolorconsultants.com/story

Why Become an America’s Color Consultant

The Best of Both Worlds

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“Every job will demand some sacrifice. The key is to avoid unnecessary sacrifice.” — Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

America’s Color Consultant (ACC) was designed for franchisees to work as much as they can depending on their life and schedule. It’s great for moms who want to stay connected to the working world, while still having time to spend with their children. It is also great for those who only want to work part-time due to other obligations. You should not have to choose between spending time with your family and work, when you could do both. ACC always puts family first. America’s Color Consultants, co-founders Florence Jones and Susan Mintz understand these things and are always available to assist, motivate and emotionally support franchisees as they move along their colorful journey!