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I am a color consultant, why buy a franchise? Many individual color consultants close their business within 2 years, because they cannot handle the back office support – the accounting, marketing and advertising of their business. “Be self employed, but not alone” America’s Color Consultants, LLC (ACC) gives you the tools, training and support you need to run your business. 


I am afraid of the franchises concept, I have heard both good & bad? Our approach to franchising is as a partnership to help women become self employed. We band together to help support and grow our businesses under the brand of America's Color Consultants.


I am afraid to be self-employed? Working outside a corporate structure can be lonely and scary. ACC is structured so that we help each other. The culture is designed for inclusiveness. Through our company private online Facebook group, our yearly training events and phone support help is available. During our yearly gatherings you will meet consultants from other markets. The idea is to share with each other our successes and failures - to all succeed as a group.


I have an aptitude for design, but I do not feel I am an expert? ACC trains all of our color consultants: you will be an expert. In addition, to our initial training you are required to attend a yearly training to keep you updated on all current trends in color.


What if I do not have an aptitude for design? Buying a franchise is like applying for a job. There is an interview process. You must meet certain criteria to be a candidate. If you meet all of the criteria, you will be offered an opportunity to buy an America’s Color Consultants franchise. 


I would love to buy an ACC franchise but do not want to do it alone? Buying an America’s Color Consultant franchise is an excellent business to share with a friend, sibling or partner. The founders of ACC started Arlington Color Consultants together and would do it again.  


I am a color consultant but cannot handle the advertising & marketing? ACC franchises pool money to be used for advertising and marketing. With more advertising dollars we can have more visibility for our locations.   


I want to buy a franchise, but do not have the money for the franchise fee? There are several options to fund a franchise:

  • Personal loans from family members or your local bank.
  • Contact the SBA, you may qualify for a Small Business Adminstration loan.
  • Set up a GoFundMe or Kickstarter Campaign.
  • Find a partner to share in the cost.


About Company

America's Color Consultants, LLC is a franchisor located in Falls Church, Virginia. As a company are mission is to create a working enviroment with flexible working hours so that our consultants can put their families first. As a company we strive to maintain a brand that means quality, great customer service, and the most effective paint color consulting work in the industry.

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Are you an art or design student, curious about a future profession as a paint color consultant? America's Color Consultants love their careers, contact a local consultant to inquire about an internship.

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