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2018 Paint Color Forecast

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color of the Year – Caliente AF-290, is strong, radiant and full of energy.
“Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality.” 

-Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

BM Color Palette

Pittsburg Paints  2018 Color of the Year –  Black Flame (PPG1043-7) acts like a black curtain, allowing your other décor elements to take center stage. It’s a fantastic blend of black and indigo, two classic hues. Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers possibility and a deep hopefulness. The blend of two colors makes it incredibly versatile – use it on a statement wall, with a matte finish on a ceiling, with high gloss on a naturally-lit staircase, on cabinets, interior and exterior doors and in many more places.The versatile hue can also provide strength and a modern luxe vibe to spaces with a lot of whites, blush pinks and soft pastels.

Sherwin Williams A collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green, a color that is both accessible and elusive, Oceanside SW 6496, is our 2018 Color of the Year. A complex, deep color that offers a sense of the familiar with a hint of the unknown, Oceanside, bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in what’s old and new.
The color blue evokes a multitude of moods and associations depending on hue, shade and application. Despite this variety, blues are universally perceived as intelligent, honest and interesting-making blue the most beloved color worldwide.
Oceanside’s multi-dimensional, marine-inspired look can create a welcoming statement as a lively color for a front door. Its green-meets-blue tone can also boost creative thinking and clarity of thought in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection into a bedroom or reading nook.
Oceanside is universal when it comes to design style from mid-century modern to Mediterranean-inspired, traditional to contemporary.

Behr is pleased to announce our 2018 Color of the Year,  In The Moment. This cool, tranquil, spruce blue is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green. This comfortable color evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation amid our busy, always-on lives. In name and color, this hue speaks to our desire to take a break, be present and recharge. In The Moment is versatile and perfect to use for both interior and exterior projects. It also crosses multiple design styles, ideal for working with traditional, modern, coastal and global décor.

Stencil Instead of Wallpaper

If you have been a subscriber to our newsletter for along time you might remember my product review on this wallpaper.

wallpaper removal

I tested it for it’s easy application and hopeful removal. This is an update to that review. Yes, the wallpaper went up very easily, however it was just as hard to remove as old fashion wallpapers. Over the years (about 8 years) my wallpaper became stained and worn. I loved the black on white pattern but it needed to be updated.

Removing the new and improved wallpaper took hours of spraying with vinegar and scraping. Perhaps a more toxic remover would have worked faster, but after all, the claim is that it was easily removable. My guess on why it was so difficult to remove, is when products are created and test in the moment they do not take into consideration what happens to the product over time. In the case of the wallpaper the adhesive bonded with the surface of the wall. The different seasons (heat & cold) most likely enhanced the bond to the wall. When a product is created and tested such as this wallpaper it is applied to the wall then removed a short while later to demonstrate the ease of removal. The shorten time frame does not give the adhesive time to fully bond. The result of the demonstration is a product that is easily removed.

After removing the paper, instead of wallpapering again, I have decided to stencil, then topcoat with a glaze for extra durability. This stenciled design and topcoat should last 20+ years and with the top coat glaze be totaly washable. From my experience you really need to love a wallpaper to commit to using it. When the time comes for a change there will always be the added expense of the removal. Stenciling just requires a coat of paint to cover and change. This stenciling project took about three days despite being a small bathroom. The complexity of the stencil made it difficult to stencil the edges and corners, requiring me to hand paint those areas. If you choose to stencil, a tone on tone design is the least expensive route. The more colors and complexity the more expensive. The cost of stenciling might be more on the front end, but you will not have to pay for the removal.


Interested in having something stencil, contact us at www.americascolorconsultants.com

Support the Arts

Artists contribute beauty to our world – despite their beautiful contributions, most artist still struggle to survive. Support your local art programs. If you have an ugly wall, become a patron of the arts, employ your local artists to paint it.

A typical concrete and stucco facade.


Then the wall starts to take on a three-dimensional appearance


This is Eric, in his element, 30 feet off the ground. He does most of the artwork by himself and researches, paints and designs each project from scratch. His wife Kathy, also an artist, serves as project manager.



Did You Know?

YInMn blue

New Color Alert – Students at Oregon State University discovered a new shade of blue, known as YInMn blue. The color was named after its chemical elements, manganese, yttrium, and indium. This discovery was made during an experiment done in 2009, and has been called “A happy, accidental discovery.” The pigment has no toxic ingredients, which has been a problem with commercially sold paints before. The pigment will be going on sell for household paint and more later this year.This color would look wonderful in any household!


Product Review

BM Advanced

Benjamin Moore “Advanced” – I decided to give my home a facelift with a fresh coat of trim paint. So I tried “Advanced”. In general I liked it, it was creamy and applied nicely. One thing to take into consideration when using this paint is the re-coat drying time is 16 hours, not 4 hours like other waterbased paints. For me this was not a problem, since I was just re-coating the same color trim and one coat is all I needed. Is it more durable then others? time will tell. One thing I did find odd was that I started with a quart and the consistency was great. I liked it so much I decided to buy a gallon, however the consistency was much thinner than the quart. I am not sure why. In the end all trim seemed to be the same.



Why Become an America’s Color Consultant



SCHEDULES & DEADLINES – When you own your own business you need to set deadlines and goals for yourself. Your mindset has flipped from employee to owner.   As an America’s Color Consultant franchisee, you can work Part-Time or Full-Time with no pressure. Want to volunteer in your child’s classroom? – yes! Need to care for your elderly parents? – please do it! We’ve been through these phases of life and find the joy and satisfaction of being there for family members is more valuable than anything. As well as investing into a proven business model America’s Color Consultants, co-founders Florence Jones and Susan Mintz are always available to further train, coach, assist, motivate and emotionally support franchisees as they move long their colorful journey!