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Artist Showcase

3D Floors – If you can not decide on bathroom tile, perhaps a 3D bathroom floor is for you? 3D flooring will take your room in a very different direction. It’s amazing how a room can be transformed with images painted on the floor. The amazing thing about the 3D images will be the realism felt just by looking at the images. Imagine an ocean just below your feet.



Home Improvement Tip


Behr Paints “Marquee” – I have been meaning to test this paint for awhile now, I should have done it long ago. It is a great paint! It applies as well as any other mid to high end paint. It is guaranteed to cover in one coat and it did. At under $50 a gallon the price is right and because it is guaranteed to cover in one coat, I used half the quantity and it took less time. The important thing to remember when using this paint, don’t spread too thin – let a thicker coat provide the coverage. I painted (below) an accent wall which was a darker shade of the existing color, not sure if one coat coverage will be as successful if you are painting a light color over a darker. (I’ll try that next)

Marquee After

Home Decor

Front Door Decorations – Forget red and green this year: why not introduce the colors and style your guests will find inside right at the front door!
A coastal vibe home could have starfish (sporting a bit of glitter) atop a driftwood or grass wreath; a mid-century home decorated in neutrals may have a monochromatic wreath in shades of cream, but with a lot of texture. A really modern home might have a wreath made up of just a series of circles! A traditional home could use fresh fruit and mini-pineapples, and their non-traditional counterparts could use plastic fruit that has been totally glitter-bombed.
Got kids? Make a wreath of tiny toys, dinosaurs, farm animals, along with reindeer, snowmen and Santa. Is there a nutcracker collection inside? Make a wreath of small nutcrackers for the front door.   If you have access to lots of pinecones, get out your craft paints and put the kids to work; then attach each (pinecone, not kid) to a color-coordinated ribbon, gather together and hang as a grouping – fabulous!
Internet search for ideas: you can get very specific with your ideas in a Google search and then look under “images”. The inspiration is endless! Shop your home, be creative and have a beautiful, colorful holiday season!

Color Trends

Pantones Color of the Year – 2 is Better than 1.

Before Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams chose colors for the year, Pantone was the sole source. Their choice was determined by extensive research of consumer buying trends. Once they chose a color it inspired furnishings, clothes, paint and advertising trends for the upcoming year.

This year, during our turbulent times, we are in need of respite and relaxation. Pink calms the wild beast and blue inspires serenity. Lets hope it works.