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Need Your Vote

America’s Color Consultants, LLC is applying for a Mission Main Street Grant to help our company expand. With the grant money we plan to give away 10 franchises.

Please help us qualify by voting at the link below. If for any reason the link does not work search “America’s Color Consultants”

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Please share with anyone, we need 250 votes to qualify.

Thank you for your help,

Florence & Susan

Home Improvement & Painting Tip

Product Review – Rust-Oleum “Rust Reformer”


Rust-Oleum makes a product called Rust Reformer. It claims to stop and cover rust all by itself. For this project, I did use a wire brush to remove loss paint before spraying the rust with the Rust Reformer. My top coat is a satin black metal spray paint too minimize visual imperfections. A glossy paint would have enhance  the imperfections.

Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer was easy to use looks like it did the job – time will tell how it holds up against the rust.

 Color Basics 

Feng Shui & Color


Have you ever walked into a home and it immediately felt right? It might have been because of the Chinese art of arranging one’s life in accordance with the forces of the universe. This art is rooted in a sensitivity to nature, is over 7,000 years old and is called Feng Shui. The practice of Feng Shui is also a science with diagnostic equipment, mathematical formulas and specialized terminology.  The use of color in Feng Shui is driven by your particular circumstances at that moment of choice. An example of a Feng Shui driven color choice would be – soft tones of color are ideal for bedrooms such as warm pink tints and pale peach shades as well as colors in the red spectrum — eggshell, magnolia, beige and light tan. However light colors in the blue/green spectrum are also great for bedrooms as well as sitting rooms and bathrooms. All of these colors are ideal for creating a soft relaxing effect. However in the practice of Feng Shui, if you should use the red spectrum or the blue/green spectrum would depend on many different factors directly related to your home placement, your balance of yin and yang at the time of choosing.