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Product Review

Ceiling Paint by Glidden

Ceiling paint is designed for your ceilings – Why? It is made as a bright white designed for maximum light reflection. When the light bounces off the ceiling, the brightness of the ceiling white brings more light into your living space. It is also not has high a quailty paint because it does not get exposed to were and tear resulting in a lower cost per gallon.

The challenge with painting your ceiling is being able to see where you have already painted. Glidden solves this challenge. When the paint is wet it is pink, when it dries it is white. How simple.

IMG_0731 IMG_0734

Stencil Instead of Wallpaper

If you have been a subscriber to our newsletter for along time you might remember my product review on this wallpaper.

wallpaper removal

I tested it for it’s easy application and hopeful removal. This is an update to that review. Yes, the wallpaper went up very easily, however it was just as hard to remove as old fashion wallpapers. Over the years (about 8 years) my wallpaper became stained and worn. I loved the black on white pattern but it needed to be updated.

Removing the new and improved wallpaper took hours of spraying with vinegar and scraping. Perhaps a more toxic remover would have worked faster, but after all, the claim is that it was easily removable. My guess on why it was so difficult to remove, is when products are created and test in the moment they do not take into consideration what happens to the product over time. In the case of the wallpaper the adhesive bonded with the surface of the wall. The different seasons (heat & cold) most likely enhanced the bond to the wall. When a product is created and tested such as this wallpaper it is applied to the wall then removed a short while later to demonstrate the ease of removal. The shorten time frame does not give the adhesive time to fully bond. The result of the demonstration is a product that is easily removed.

After removing the paper, instead of wallpapering again, I have decided to stencil, then topcoat with a glaze for extra durability. This stenciled design and topcoat should last 20+ years and with the top coat glaze be totaly washable. From my experience you really need to love a wallpaper to commit to using it. When the time comes for a change there will always be the added expense of the removal. Stenciling just requires a coat of paint to cover and change. This stenciling project took about three days despite being a small bathroom. The complexity of the stencil made it difficult to stencil the edges and corners, requiring me to hand paint those areas. If you choose to stencil, a tone on tone design is the least expensive route. The more colors and complexity the more expensive. The cost of stenciling might be more on the front end, but you will not have to pay for the removal.


Interested in having something stencil, contact us at

Color Trends

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2017 As winter ends and spring approaches, the urge to freshen up our home begins – consider purple.


Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2017 is BM 2117-30 Shadow. I like purple for walls, this purple is very dark, neutral and cozy. Because it is richer purple you would definitely need to be a purple lover to use this color. In this picture purple is used as an accent wall creating a high contrast between the deep purple, the weathered textured wood wall, the white floor and white ceiling.

Need help choosing the perfect purple, contact Americas Color Consultants

Support the Arts

Artists contribute beauty to our world – despite their beautiful contributions, most artist still struggle to survive. Support your local art programs. If you have an ugly wall, become a patron of the arts, employ your local artists to paint it.

A typical concrete and stucco facade.


Then the wall starts to take on a three-dimensional appearance


This is Eric, in his element, 30 feet off the ground. He does most of the artwork by himself and researches, paints and designs each project from scratch. His wife Kathy, also an artist, serves as project manager.



Product Review

BM Advanced

Benjamin Moore “Advanced” – I decided to give my home a facelift with a fresh coat of trim paint. So I tried “Advanced”. In general I liked it, it was creamy and applied nicely. One thing to take into consideration when using this paint is the re-coat drying time is 16 hours, not 4 hours like other waterbased paints. For me this was not a problem, since I was just re-coating the same color trim and one coat is all I needed. Is it more durable then others? time will tell. One thing I did find odd was that I started with a quart and the consistency was great. I liked it so much I decided to buy a gallon, however the consistency was much thinner than the quart. I am not sure why. In the end all trim seemed to be the same.


Did You Know

sea shell

Purple Dye – The first use of the color purple was as early as 1570 BC. It was so expensive to make that purple dyed textiles became a status symbols and laws restricted their use. It was expensive because it was made from a sea snail. The dye is a secretion from the gland of one of several predatory sea snails found in the Mediterranean Sea. The secretion is expelled when it is being attacked. The dye can be collected by either “milking” the snails or destructively crushing the snail. It took twelve thousand snails to yield no more than 1.4 gram of pure dye, enough to colour the trim of a single garment.”

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Product Review

CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint – I have recommended “Chalk Paint” many times and still do. It is the best product on the market for DIY. I drove past this coffee table on trash day three times and could not help rescueing it from the landfill.


I transformed this old worn out coffee table into a new table within one day with Ce Ce’s Chalk Paint. I used Vermont Slate for the base and Pueblo Pepper for the top. Chalk Paint works on all surfaces, no sanding required (I would wipe down the surface to remove any grease and grim). It dries quickly and with a top coat of wax or water based Polyurethane your done.


Ce Ce Caldwell Paints are poured carefully by hand and meticulously overseen from conception to completion. We are committed to making the world a better place by creating natural, non-toxic products that are safe for everyone. CeCe’s Paints are ideal for the retailer, seasoned professional, or first-time DIY-er who want the satisfaction of aesthetic quality and the reassurance of eco-friendly manufacturing. Read more at CeCe Caldwell Paints

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Did You Know

Color & Your Brain – Wavelengths of light do not exist as color until we see them. The color that surrounds us is a construction of our brain. Without your eyes and your brain there is no color. These wavelengths are colorless until our brains tell us we are seeing blues, greens, reds, etc. Light enters our pupils, which focuses images onto our Retinas, sensing varying wavelengths. The Retina has three cones. These cones make color a perception. The kind of cone activated by the light determines what color we see. Short wavelengths are colors related to blues, medium related to greens and long relates to red.


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Product Review


Scotch Blue Edge Lock – I have a mixed opinion of this product. Scotch Blue has been making painters tape for a long time. The problem with the original painters tape was the bleed through factor. Most of your edges would be clean, however every once in a while you would end up with bleed-through, requiring touch up. Frog Tape was created with a new technology: when the paint contacted the tape it created a seal on the edge eliminating bleed-through. Scotch Blue created it own version of Frog Tape which is called “Edge Lock”. When I tested Edge Lock, I taped off my entire room to prep for painting. By the time I was done the tape was falling off. I decided that I would continue anyway by reapplying the tape as I painted each section, which was very time consuming. In the end when the job was complete the edges were clean. The taping process took twice as much time, yet the edges were clean which is what the tape is suppose to do. Recommendation – tape as you go.