Color Trends

Noir – Last week I attended the Sherwin Williams ColorMix presentation. The palette of colors which made the biggest impression for me, was the “Noir” collection. It is inspired by night. The darker colors in this collection are not for the meek, however if you have a small space (a powder room or den)  and you would like to be daring these colors are rich and bold. They remind me of rooms I have visited in Europe.



Why Hire a Paint Color Consultant

Mistakes Could Be Costly. I get asked all the time, why would I hire a paint color consultant? Cost! Paying for a professional paint color consultant is often a good investment. If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing – you risk having to repaint your mistakes. Instead of saving money by doing it yourself, you could end up paying twice for the same job. Sample pots cost money as well. We are often called to help make a decision, our clients have spend hundreds of dollars on sample pots and just can not decide.


America’s Color Consultants come to you with all the paint color options – We make choosing the perfect paint color easy!

Did You Know

Feng Shui – Red is best!


If your front door faces south according to Feng Shui you should paint it RED. Red is considered one of the luckiest colors and is associated with good fortune, prosperity and strength. The front door is the mouth of chi, the entry point for all positive energy to flow into your home.

Why Become an America’s Color Consultant


Transition Time

Summer is ending but fall is coming. Along with the cooler weather fall brings, it’s also a transition time. Summer vacations and summer camps end, and kids go back to school. It doesn’t just have to be a transition for them, it can also be one for the stay at home parent. With the kids back in school, having a job with flexible hours is a great benefit. America’s Color Consultants (ACC) offers just that with our home based business model. Florence and Susan understand the importance of having quality time with your family, but also still wanting to work. Although that may seem impossible, it’s not. With an America’s Color Consulting franchise you can work while the kids are in school and still be on time to pick them up from the bus stop. If you are a mom or dad looking for a flexible work schedule, and have an eye for color ACC may be for you. To learn more about how ACC got started please go to our website

Did You Know?

YInMn blue

New Color Alert – Students at Oregon State University discovered a new shade of blue, known as YInMn blue. The color was named after its chemical elements, manganese, yttrium, and indium. This discovery was made during an experiment done in 2009, and has been called “A happy, accidental discovery.” The pigment has no toxic ingredients, which has been a problem with commercially sold paints before. The pigment will be going on sell for household paint and more later this year.This color would look wonderful in any household!

Why Become an America’s Color Consultant

The Best of Both Worlds

computer w_coffee

“Every job will demand some sacrifice. The key is to avoid unnecessary sacrifice.” — Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

America’s Color Consultant (ACC) was designed for franchisees to work as much as they can depending on their life and schedule. It’s great for moms who want to stay connected to the working world, while still having time to spend with their children. It is also great for those who only want to work part-time due to other obligations. You should not have to choose between spending time with your family and work, when you could do both. ACC always puts family first. America’s Color Consultants, co-founders Florence Jones and Susan Mintz understand these things and are always available to assist, motivate and emotionally support franchisees as they move along their colorful journey!

Product Review

BM Advanced

Benjamin Moore “Advanced” – I decided to give my home a facelift with a fresh coat of trim paint. So I tried “Advanced”. In general I liked it, it was creamy and applied nicely. One thing to take into consideration when using this paint is the re-coat drying time is 16 hours, not 4 hours like other waterbased paints. For me this was not a problem, since I was just re-coating the same color trim and one coat is all I needed. Is it more durable then others? time will tell. One thing I did find odd was that I started with a quart and the consistency was great. I liked it so much I decided to buy a gallon, however the consistency was much thinner than the quart. I am not sure why. In the end all trim seemed to be the same.


Why Become an America’s Color Consultant



SCHEDULES & DEADLINES – When you own your own business you need to set deadlines and goals for yourself. Your mindset has flipped from employee to owner.   As an America’s Color Consultant franchisee, you can work Part-Time or Full-Time with no pressure. Want to volunteer in your child’s classroom? – yes! Need to care for your elderly parents? – please do it! We’ve been through these phases of life and find the joy and satisfaction of being there for family members is more valuable than anything. As well as investing into a proven business model America’s Color Consultants, co-founders Florence Jones and Susan Mintz are always available to further train, coach, assist, motivate and emotionally support franchisees as they move long their colorful journey!