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Becoming A Color Consultant


I was recently asked by a high school student –

“How did you know you wanted to be a color consultant?”

I was just a little embarrassed to answer, “I didn’t!”

Life takes you down many roads and I was always one to “go with the flow.” One job lead me to another to another… .

I have always been artsy-fartsy. But a horrible art teacher in high school convinced me my talent was subpar and – at the time – I believed him, I guess. I did nothing in the field for 40 years! Of course I tastefully decorated my and my friends’ apartments, and also became a prolific DIYer, but never again played with a color wheel.

Until 10 years ago.

A neighbor with whom I shared a passion for home improvement projects suggested we turn our interest and expertise in that booming industry into a consulting business of sorts. We both had the backgrounds – she was a graphic designer and DIYer and I, a self-taught renovation product specialist. Over several months, we narrowed our focus to paint color selection. In our neighborhood, it was a perfect fit. People were redoing/adding on to their homes and needed help with color selections that would tie the whole house together.

I had recognized that I had a natural talent for color/lighting and mood – the psychology of color – and my years as a public relations specialist made me confident that I could express to my clients “why” a specific color worked for them.

Fast forward 10 years and I now enjoy using my creativity and artistic talents every day. We even refined our business model into a franchise opportunity for others with a similar desire to utilize their artistic skills. Sometimes I think “what if” I had been encouraged by that teacher long ago, and also – why the heck did I even listen to him?! But it’s never too late to recognize your talent – and combine it with your own life experiences – and make a go of it as a business!

If this story resonates with you and you too have an eye for color, maybe paint color consulting is for you. Join us! Check out for more information, or call me personally to compare notes (703-362-3131).

Susan Mintz, Co-Founder, America’s Color Consultants