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Why Become an America’s Color Consultant

I recently read an article by Christine Kane “The Psychology of Going From Employee to Business Owner” and as a new franchisor, had some thoughts about how it related to America’s Color Consultants’ approach to entrepreneurship.



Yes, a very different experience than being an employee – and it needs a different approach and motivation.   You’re now the one who sets your schedule, manages your time, makes the “rules” and keeps the books. Ack! While some venturing out on their own are totally prepared, or hire consultants or coaches to get them started, others turn to a franchise system: the support and systems have already been created and you adjust it to your immediate needs and professional goals.

At America’s Color Consultants, co-founders Florence Jones and Susan Mintz are always available to further train, coach, assist, motivate and emotionally support franchisees as they move long their colorful journey!


Did You Know?


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Boiling Lichen in water produces dyes range from greens to orange. Add a little ammonia and reds and purples appear. Dyes made from Lichen were used in wool and silks. The Native American Indian also used Lichen for body paint.


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