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Product Review


Scotch Blue Edge Lock – I have a mixed opinion of this product. Scotch Blue has been making painters tape for a long time. The problem with the original painters tape was the bleed through factor. Most of your edges would be clean, however every once in a while you would end up with bleed-through, requiring touch up. Frog Tape was created with a new technology: when the paint contacted the tape it created a seal on the edge eliminating bleed-through. Scotch Blue created it own version of Frog Tape which is called “Edge Lock”. When I tested Edge Lock, I taped off my entire room to prep for painting. By the time I was done the tape was falling off. I decided that I would continue anyway by reapplying the tape as I painted each section, which was very time consuming. In the end when the job was complete the edges were clean. The taping process took twice as much time, yet the edges were clean which is what the tape is suppose to do. Recommendation – tape as you go.


Color Trends

McCormick Paints Color of the Year – Alsot Olive, a pale yellow with olive-green undertones, balances the energy and warmth of yellow with the calmness and composure of green. The warm yellow-green hues of Alsot Olive are understated, radiating a subtle splash of color.


Yellow, a color associated with happiness and enlightenment, has been out of the color and design scene for quite some time, but is rising to the forefront for 2016. Alsot Olive captures the latest trends in design, making this an eye-catching choice for Color of the Year. McCormick Paints Color Consultant, Liz Stone notes, “This chic-yet-simple color delivers energy and brightness to your walls, while remaining a very practical and inviting color.” Alsot Olive proves that practical doesn’t have to mean colorless.

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Why Become An America’s Color Consultant

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This is a personal note: I love my career! – I have a son still in school and aging parents, my weeks are unpredictable. Having a flexible work schedule is the most valuable luxury I have. The bonus is – I love what I do. When you love your job it is not work. I love helping people choose the perfect paint color. Every client, every home, every job is different and unique. My job never feels like a routine. When I go to work I have to use my knowledge, experience and my skills to help all my clients chose the paint color(s) that are just right for them and their homes.

If you are looking for a new career, come join us for a informational coffee on Saturday, January 30th, 10 am to 12 noon in Warrenton VA. Located 3.5 miles from historical Warrenton, vineyards and beautiful country side. Call 703-241-8548 to RSVP and for location details. Limited to 20.