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Color Basics – Green


“The grass is greener on the other side of the fence” – is it really?

It is! It is an optical illusion. When you look at the grass at your feet you are seeing all the imperfections in the grass – the dirt, the leaves and sticks. Look across the fence to your neighbors yard and you see their grass not from above, but from an angle. From this view you do not see the imperfections in their grass and the grass does appear greener.

Don’t Be Bullied to Choose A Paint Color!

Last week I had several phone calls from frustrated home owners who’s contractors and painters are pressuring them to choose a paint color within 24 hours. STOP!!!! take a breath, do not let them bully you – this is personal and expensive decision that should take time.

A big decision like this needs to go through a process. A professional can help you with this process specifically a Paint Color Consultant who can help you choose colors you will love. Paint color consultants will help you determine the paint colors that will work with your furnishing, how lighting will effect the color on your walls and how colors will flow from room to room. Paint color consultants will bring larger samples and you should take time to use sample pots to test your colors before committing.

Don’t be bullied into making a decision before your ready. While there might be contractors and/or painters who can choose a painter color, it might not be the right color for you. Remember they are working for you!


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