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Home Improvement & Painting Tips

Easy Fix for a Loose Hinge

Things you will need: Hammer, 1 Chop Stick, Wood Glue, Wire Cutters

fix a hole for a screw

Remove screws from hinge, set screws and hinge to the side to reuse. Tip the pointed end of the chop stick into the wood glue about 1/8 inch. Push glue end of chop stick into preexisting loose hinge hole. Gently tap with a hammer then cut off chop stick flush to wall with wire cutters. Hammer chop stick end to make it flush with the wall. Remount hinge.

New Products

Paint Tray Storage Bag 

This is a great new product. While painting, use it as a drop cloth for your painting supplies. If you plan to continue painting later in the day or tomorrow, just fold it up and zip it closed. When you are ready to paint again just unzip and paint. Clean up only once at the end of your painting job. I have left my paint and rollers up to three days. Retail price $18.99


Color Basics

Using Monochromatic Paint Colors


Color can do wonderful things to a space.  Using a single bold stroke of one color can help to unify various architectural textures and surfaces, like brick walls and bead board ceilings.  A monochromatic color scheme can also help one’s eye see the “geometry” of a space by breaking up vertical planes.  Varying levels of light will reflect brightness and shade walls and corners thus changing the range of color intensity.

Using a monochromatic scheme need not be boring when a range of colors, from softly tinted to deeply saturated hues of the same color are chosen within a single room, or an entire house.  Activate the space with outlines of white painted trim work, and punctuate the decor with repeated use of black or a complimentary accent color.

A single-toned environment also provides the opportunity to use pattern and texture in decorative textiles, rugs, accessories.

Home, Garden & Painting Tips

Stenciling Instead of Wallpaper

Try stenciling instead of expensive wallpaper! There are so many beautiful stencils available today that look just like designer wallpaper, only they are better. Stenciling is a great DIY project, you can save lots of money and feel proud of your creation. Stencils can be used as an accent or they can cover an entire wall.

The benefits of stenciling include less cost and ease. Even if you hire a painter the cost will be less than buying the wallpaper and paying to have the wallpaper installed. When it comes time for a new look you just paint over the stencil. Today’s stencils are painted using latex paint and water base glazes. If you would like a stenciled look but do not have the time to DIY, call Arlington Color Consultants.


Check out the below websites for lots of great decorative ideas.

Color Basics

Gray is Everywhere


Gray is the new “hot” color. It’s recently become more popular than it’s neutral cousins, taupe, beige and ivory. It’s the new must have color that’s considered contemporary. It is flexible in any room, for any mood and every setting.

Grays are the perfect neutral. Lighter, softer grays have a more feminine feel while the darker, heavier grays have a more masculine feel. Grays can be more complex as undertones take on shades of purple, browns, blue, and greens that all add an extra layer of complexity to the gray. Grays with green and blue undertones may remind us of the sea, while grays with brown undertones have a much warmer effect similar to taupe and beige.

In color psychology, gray is the color that represents peace and balance. It is calm and safe. It is practical, simple and reliable. It’s the classic. It is the perfect neutral. So why are we seeing so much gray recently?

Because, with shades of gray from nearly white to nearly black, and various undertones of all colors, there is a shade of gray certain to please everyone.